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Adjust video settings

You indicated that you’re on a plan over the nbn® Satellite network and you (sometimes/often/aren’t sure whether you) exceed your data usage limit.

Did you know?

Video streaming apps and services generally have large data requirements over and above that of normal web-browsing and internet surfing. Typically these services will automatically play the video at the highest quality setting, which can use several gigabyte of data per hour. Some services allow you to manually set the video quality to help you save data.


  • Try adjusting the playback settings on video streaming services, like Netflix and YouTube from 4K or High Definition (HD) to Standard Definition (SD) to optimise your data. You can normally find these settings in the settings menu under your account profile.
  • Try turning off video auto-play settings for websites with embedded streaming content.
  • Try using the download function from within your streaming apps and services during off-peak times to save your peak data, minimise time wasted with buffering and play your content even when you’re offline.

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