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Check your cabling

You indicated that you have a service over the nbn® FTTN, FTTC or FTTB network, multiple phone sockets, and your premises may be more than 10 years old. It’s possible that the cabling in your premises is impacting the performance of your service.

Did you know?

If you have multiple telephone wall sockets in your home, the modem/router should plug into the main socket and your land-line phone (if you have one) will typically plug into your modem/router. If you have additional telephone wall sockets around your home, these may significantly weaken the performance and stability of your service.

Some older homes can have time-worn wiring that may also impact service.


  • Check your modem/router is connected to the first phone socket in your premises. This is usually the one closest to the door. If you have more than one phone socket in the house, or devices still connected to the old sockets, this may degrade the achievable performance on the nbn® access network.
  • A registered cabler can inspect your home and make changes that can improve your internal wiring. Here are some topics to discuss with your technician:
    • You can ask your registered cabler to connect your modem/router to the first phone socket. If you’re not happy with where your first socket is located, your technician might be able to re-cable to your preferred location for a first phone socket. For more technical information about this, refer to the Communications Alliance guide G649.
    • Older homes often have older cables which can affect internet performance. Request an assessment of the age of your internal cables.
    • Find out whether there are old telephone sockets in use in your home, and request they be isolated from the main outlet.
    • The registered cabler can also assess your internal network and advise of any improvements you can make to increase coverage throughout your home.

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