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Check your modem/router age

You indicated that your modem/router may be more than 6 years old.

Did you know?

Over the last two decades, the quality of Wi-Fi has improved greatly, so older modems/routers may not be up to the standards your lifestyle requires or that newer devices advertise. Older modems/routers previously used on ADSL may not be compatible with the nbn® broadband access network. Modems/routers made before 2015 may not support higher speeds.


  • Try checking with your preferred internet provider that you have the latest model of modem/router that is compatible with your internet plan. Explore options for a modem/router upgrade with your preferred internet provider based on your budget and what you typically use the internet for.
  • Newer modem/router models (recent 3 years) tend to provide stronger Wi-Fi signal, strength and stability. Upgraded modems/routers have a range of helpful features such as multiple Wi-Fi bands and band steering, additional antennas, active device management, beam forming, supports Wi-Fi extenders or Wi-Fi mesh connections. Refer to the Find out more section below to learn more about these features.
  • We recommend that you do some research online and find the modem/router that works best for you, within your budget. Like most things in life you generally ‘get what you pay for’ – usually the more expensive devices will perform better as they have higher quality components, more antennas, and a better build quality. Be sure to check with your preferred internet provider that your chosen modem/router is compatible with your internet connection.
older modem performance
Older modem performance
newer modem performance
Newer modem performance
  • If you have a telephone service that is connected to your modem/router, you should check with your preferred phone and provider whether changing modems/routers will cause an interruption in phone service and what support is available to you.

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