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Extend your Wi-Fi

You indicated that your Wi-Fi signal may be impacted by distance or obstructions and that you don’t use a Wi-Fi extender or mesh, or that you’re unsure.

Did you know?

External Antennas, Wi-Fi extenders and Wi-Fi mesh devices can broaden Wi-Fi coverage throughout your entire home, while also helping to reduce the instances of dropouts and slow speeds due to limited Wi-Fi coverage.


  • Learn about avaialable devices to determine if they could help improve your service.
  • External Antennas – Can increase the signal strength and reliability of your internal connection where this is open space and/or many people (warehouses, auditoriums, outdoors).
  • Wi-Fi Mesh – Replaces the Wi-Fi connection from your existing modem/router to provide complete coverage, by automatically connecting devices to the strongest Wi-Fi mesh mode. Mesh is when you have one primary modem/router and several other transmitters around the house. The primary modem sends out its signal, which is then received, boosted, and passed on extending your Wi-Fi range, and even let it travel around objects or areas that usually block the signal. Wi-Fi mesh systems often cost more than a standard modem setup, so it’s probably only worth your while if you have a large area to cover and have trouble receiving Wi-Fi throughout your entire house.
  • Wi-Fi Extenders – Work with the existing modem to boost Wi-Fi signal strength, but don’t provide as much coverage as Wi-Fi mesh. Also, they may require that you set up a new network name.
  • Consider investing in the purchase of a suitable device to help realise the potential of your internet connection.
wi-fi without extender
Without Extender
wi-fi extender diagram
With Extender

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