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Your postcode indicates that you might be in a regional or remote Australia.

nbn understands what works for those in the city doesn’t always work for those living in regional areas. It’s why we’re focused on being a trusted voice and ally for those living within regional and remote communities. Our on-the-ground support teams are ready to work with you and industry partners to enable better access to a faster, more reliable network.

As most of our team members live and work locally, they understand first- hand the connectivity challenges you may be facing, – put simply they understand where you’re coming from.


  • If you’re out and about and come across one of our nbn® Local teams, be sure to say hello. We’re always happy to chat and to help out wherever we can. You can find us at a range of locations and community events. Visit our regional community events homepage to:
    • Look up our latest events
    • Book online or
    • Book an nbn ‘101’ presentation for your community group or organisation.
  • nbn ‘101’ topics include things like:
    • nbn® rollout including technology and how to get connected
    • Tips for avoiding scams and reporting potential scams
    • Advice for ways to help optimise the nbn® in your home or business
    • The role of nbn and phone/internet providers in your area
    • Information about nbn® announcements or programs

Find out more

  • We invite you to learn more about our programs to lift digital capabilities in regional remote Australia across various industry sectors.
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