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Help minimise modem/router load

You indicated that 7 or more devices are often connected to your Wi- Fi and actively in use at the same time.

Did you know?

In 2021, the average Australian home had more than 20 connected devices including everything from fridges, air-conditioners, smart lights and smart windows, through to the phones, video game consoles, TVs and laptops. This is known as “The internet of things” and as devices become ‘smarter’, this number will grow.


  • Try using an ethernet cable to connect your/modem/router to your fixed devices in your home, particularly those that use a lot of data.
  • The more devices you have connected to your Wi-Fi network, the more communication lines your modem/router is trying to juggle at once.
  • For example, the main TV you want to stream high-definition Netflix through is a good candidate to wire directly to your router, rather than run off the Wi-Fi network, if possible.
  • If you have multiple devices connected at the same time, it can impact the speeds you may be able to achieve. That’s why busy homes with a number of devices will need stronger Wi-Fi abilities. Basic modems will start to experience connectivity issues when more than eight devices are connected at once. Try speaking to your Internet Provider about whether your current modem meets your specific needs. To learn more, refer to the Check Your modem/mouter resource in the Find out More section.
  • Try disconnecting any unused devices from telephone outlets, like an older Pay TV set-top box that once used a dial-up connection.

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