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Help minimise satellite latency

You indicated that you experience lag, latency or high ping when gaming.

Latency is a big deal in terms of online gaming because it can impact the overall experience or ‘feel’ of some games online.

Some say ping, while others say latency. Ping and latency are two sides of the same coin; ping is the test and latency is the measurement.

Latency is represented numerically in milliseconds (ms), and the lower the better.

Did you know?

A speed test can characterise the latency you are experiencing. For nbn® Sky Muster® Satellite service customers, latency is inherent to satellite technology due to the distance that data needs to travel to the Satellite and back (a 72,000km round trip).


Firstly, check your service’s speed and latency over the nbn® network. To do this, perform a speed test using the following steps:

  1. Connect your device to your nbn® connection box using an Ethernet cable rather than connecting with Wi-Fi.
  2. You can check your speed through your internet provider or by using a publicly available speed test service as a guide. nbn recommends nbn® Sky Muster® Plus customers use plustest.com.au, which makes results available to your provider for troubleshooting. Make note of your download and upload speed and ping results from the test. The outcome of the ping test is called ‘latency’.
  3. If your connection speed and latency seem fine, but you still appear to be experiencing lag, you might want to read about how online choke could potentially affect your gameplay.

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