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Move your modem/router

You indicated there may be obstructions, such as thick or multiple walls, appliances, metal panels, water vessels, and/or floors between the modem/router location and where you primarily use the internet.

Did you know?

The physical objects between your device (laptop, phone, tablet) and your modem/router can play a big part in the quality of your Wi-Fi signal. The smaller the distance from the modem/router to your devices, the better the signal and faster the speed.


  • Try placing the modem/router closer to where you use your devices.
    • Aim for line of sight with your modem/router.
    • Move your modem/router to a central location.
    • Move your modem/router to a central location – preferably off the ground.

  • Try to avoid a location where these types of obstructions are between your modem/router and your devices:
    • Thick walls – Brick, cement walls.
    • Metal panels – Cupboard doors, mirrors, shelves.
    • Appliances – Refrigerators, televisions, microwaves.
    • Bluetooth devices – Sound speakers, smartphones, wireless security systems.

  • Even faulty fluorescent lights or fairy lights can have an impact, so move these items to a different outlet from your modem/router or, if you can, unplug them completely to boost your Wi-Fi connection.

  • You can also try moving your modem/router to your home’s first or primary phone outlet – this ensures your internet connection signal has a shorter route to travel from the source.

  • If you have a medical alarm connected to your modem/router, speak to your provider before moving your device as this may affect your alarm connectivity.
older modem performance
Non-Optimised Modem Placement
diagram of optimised modem placement
Optimised Modem Placement

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